11 Volkswagen Caddy – Platinum service, front discs and pads, windows repaired, coolant leak fixed

Similar work

10 Opel Astra

10 Opel Astra - replaced rear pads + rear shocks + d/s/f bottom wishbone + 1 x wiper blade

131 Hyundai I20

131 Hyundai I20 - Pre NCT: Replaced d/s/r wheel sensor with abs sensor, Replaced front & rear pads, Replaced d/s/f track rod end & tracked, Replaced p/s/r tyre 185/60/15, Replaced front & rear wiper blades, Replaced d/s/f bottom suspension arm

06 Mini One

06 Mini One - Replaced p/s/f rearmost bush on suspension arm

08 Ford fiesta

08 Ford fiesta - NCT fail repairs: Replaced d/s/f bottom wishbone & adjusted tracking

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