Vauxhall Brake Pads

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Vauxhall brake pads

Looking for Vauxhall brake pads? You can now book online the supply and fitting services of Vauxhall brake pads for Vauxhall ADAM, AGILA, ASTRA, COMBO TOUR, CORSA, INSIGNIA, MERIVA, MOKKA, NOVA, OMEGA, TIGRA, VECTRA, VIVA, ZAFIRA and other models.

We supply a variety of ceramic, organic and semi-metallic brake pads from Raybestos, Bosch, Wagner, ACDelco and other manufacturers. Brake pads replacement services also available on request in our Dublin 11 garage.

Vauxhall parts, service & repairs. We supply and fit any Vauxhall parts. We only provide Vauxhall parts fitting at our premises in Finglas, Dublin 11. No mobile fitting service available at this time.

If you’re looking for best prices, keep in mind that we are Vauxhall Brake Pads Replacement specialists, and we are confident that you will not get a better deal anywhere else in North Dublin! Same day service!

Vauxhall Car Service

Did you know? Mechanic 24hr is probably your best bet when it comes to Vauxhall car servicing. Check out our Vauxhall service prices and a comprehensive list of checks, adjustments, test and repairs performed for each service plan.

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