Renault Trafic 3 2014-2016 CARPOL Safety Screen


Carpol taxi screen can be collected from our garage in Finglas. We can help you fit the safety screen free of charge.


All Carpol screens sold here, have a Certification of Economic Commission for Europe (ECE / E-Mark)

The offered product is dedicated to vehicles without side air curtains (airbags) for passengers sitting in the second row and the driver. There is a possibility to mount the screen in such cars, however our company does not take responsibility for the malfunction of the side curtains.

About Carpol

This partition screens are manufactured in Poland by CARPOL. They are very easy to install and clean, they are durable and high quality.

“Carpol worked to make your job safe, and to have your passenger traveling with you in hygienic conditions. Our solution provides additional protection from viruses, robberies, and unwanted physical contact between passengers and driver.”

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