LDV Clutch Kits

Choose whether you want LDV Clutch Kits supplied only or supplied and fitted, by selection an option below:

LDV clutch kit

Looking for LDV clutch kit? You can now book online the supply and fitting services of LDV clutch kits for LDV V80 and other models.

A clutch kit comes with a clutch disc or a clutch friction disc and clutch pressure plate, although some clutch kits have pilot bushings or pilot bearings. The pressure plate contains a clutch plate, springs, cover and release fingers.
We recommend you replace the full kit when your car need any clutch parts replaced. We only provide clutch replacement services if needed.
LDV van parts, service & repairs. We supply and fit any LDV van parts. We only provide LDV van servicing at our premises in Finglas, Dublin 11.

Looking for complete clutch replacement price? Keep in mind that we are LDV Clutch Kits Replacement Specialists, and we offer better prices than our competitors, when it comes to complete clutch kits supplied and fitted. We also provide a same day clutch service!
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