Hale Microtax-06 Meter and Printer

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About the Hale Microtax-06 Meter and Printer


Hale quality taxi meters well known all over the world. With the Microtax®-06 your are well prepared for the future. Software extensions can easily be programmed through the flashable program memory without demounting the taximeter. Automotive components guarantee a long lifetime.

Pauses with Microtax®-06

The HALE taximeter MCT-06 enables the documentation of active and passive pauses for your working time records (depending on software version).

The all-rounder registers

  • Working time with active and passive pause
  • Limitation of working time
  • Private trips

Brilliant display

  • Automatic brightness control for optimum visibility by day and night
  • Highly illuminated LED display allows easy readout even at bright sunshine and a distance of 5 meters

Impressing design

  • Ultra slim and stylish design with transparent dark grey housing
  • Side part allows easy access for service without demounting
  • Extra large displays facilitate perfect readability

More operating comfort

  • 4 keys provide best tactile response
  • 2 additional keys for future extensions
  • Illuminated keys ensure perfect visibility at night
  • Driver-sided position of operation keys

Highly flexible tariff system

  • Most modern tariff design with optimal flexibility and 32 tariffs, including various extras functions.
  • Integrated calendar until 2037 supports fixed and floating holidays, spares regular calendar updates.
  • Fast tariff programming using tariff-Ceys or the menu-guided tariff programming.
  • Automatic change of tariffs due to distance or duration of the trip, time of the day, date, day of the week, fare and change of speed

Automotive device

  • The Microtax®-06 complies with the high requirements of the automotive industry
  • Unrivaled low current consumption, in power save mode only 0,6 mA
  • Automotive components with extended temperature range guarantee a long lifetime

Modern and upgradable Taxi Meters

The employed automotive processor contains a flashable program memory, allowing for in-car upgrades.

  • Multiport printer TPD-01 – The super fast thermal paper printer TPD-01 features printouts of receipts, trip information and shift reports with or without totalizers, optionally with receipt copies.
  • HALE Cey accounting system – Ideal and economically priced accounting system for sole proprietors and taxi fleets.
  • Highest quality standards taxi meters – HALE is development partner and supplier of the German automotive industry and thus meets highest quality standards. Modern technology and easy operation are part of the HALE product philosophy as well.


Most important functions of the Hale thermal taxi receipt printer at a glance

  • Shift accounting
  • Trips receipts
  • Trip memory
  • Utilization figures

Hale thermal taxi receipt printer TPD-01 with Bluetooth connectivity

The multi-functional thermal paper printer TPD-01 now comes with a Bluetooth interface. With android libraries and a demo program you can create your own solution and mobilize your business. Trip record data as well as additional and individual data solution can be transferred to any android phone or tablet.

Compatible with

  • Mirror taximeter SPT-02
  • Microtax®-06
  • Dispatching devices and credit card terminals


  • Serial interface RS232
  • Magnetic card reader

Various mounting possibilities

  • 3 different mounting versions for the paper roll: upside, backwards or completely on the back side
  • Various mounting possibilities of the printer itself: Velcro mounting, mounting bracket 90° or 30°
  • For Mercedes Benz E211 and E212 mounting holder instead of ashtray

The quality receipt

  • The graphical thermal paper printer with high resolution prints different font widths, font sizes, italic and bitmaps.
  • Company or dispatching center logos can be printed on every receipt, up to 20 footer lines are programmable
  • The TPD-01 offers fast and high resolution printouts (28 characters/line, 300dpi) and perfect graphics through grey scales effect

HALE technology

  • The low current consumption yet corresponds to the future automotive standards.
  • The HALE thermal taxi receipt printer TPD-01 only consumes current during printing (automatic wake-up via interfaces) and is otherwise in sleep mode

Ideal operation and transparency

The 3-coloured LED display indicates the printer status:

  • green – ready for printing
  • red – end of paper
  • orange – data transfer
  • dark – autosleep mode

Separate keys for ‘paper feed’ and ‘paper out’ allow comfortable operation. The easily visible paper roll on top of the printer allows the driver to see how much paper is left and facilitates the exchange of rolls.

Taximeter and dispatching device printer

  • taxi receipts
  • shift accounting
  • trip memory printouts
  • utilization figures
  • protocol printer for dispatching terminals
  • credit receipts for credit terminal without own printer

The taxi owner configures in the code-protected owner mode of the taximeter, which totalizers are printed in the shift accounting and whether trip memory and total counters are included.

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