Hale Microtax 05 Taxi Meter (Refurbished)

100,00 inc. VAT

About the Hale Microtax 05 Taxi Meter (Refurbished)

The Hale Microtax 05+ is the basis product in an expandable modular system, which offers various advantages for the user: The Microtax-05+ is modular expandable with the HALE Cey accounting system, thermal paper printer TPD-01 and seat sensors.
The Microtax-05+ also has an interface for dispatching devices. The perfect taximeter for single proprietors, multi cab owners and taxi fleets.


Microtax-05+ housing

  • Ideal for surface mounting, housing depth is only 17,5 mm (57mm height, width only 160mm).
  • Due to the high quality and most resistant plastic housing, the taximeter only weighs 145 g.
  • Various mounting possibilities
  • Only small changes on the dashboard are necessary – no reduction of resale value.

Microtax-05+ design

  • The fully integrated Clicktouch® key pad provides easy operation and avoids the intrusion of dust particles.
  • The highly luminated LED display allows easy readout even at bright sunshine and at a distance of up to 5 meters.
  • The connection terminal allows the access to all pins and connections from one place of the housing front.
  • Flexible mounting brackets for individual adjustment of the viewing angle.

Hale Microtax 05+ performance

  • The Microtax-05+ guarantees maximum tariff flexibility and considers fixed, floating and regional holidays until 2040 (automatic holiday calendar – no re-programming after 2 years).
  • 32 tariff steps allow more flexibility: day, night and seasonal tariffs, automatic switch from summer to winter time
  • The second tariff memory allows the pre-programming of a future tariff and an automatic switch-over at the validity day.
  • Integrated tachograph, for approx. 800 trip records and up to 31 shifts.
  • 15 resettable trip or shift totalizers and 15 password-protected owner totalizers, either 3, 4 or 5 digits can be displayed and printed, some totalizers can be deleted or switched off.
  • Selection of VAT rate: VAT rate 1, VAT rate 2 or VAT rate = 0%.
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