Independent Repair Specialist VS Main Dealer

by | Dec 29, 2020 | Cheap(er) Car Repairs

Most car owners vehicle to the primary dealer to preserve the warranty, and it is quite alright, especially when it comes to a high-value auto such as Audi. However, an independent Audi specialist has a host of benefits over the main dealer, such as saving you a bit of money. And surprising to many people, repairing your vehicle in an independent garage, does not void the vehicle’s warranty.

Here is why you should build a relationship with your local independent car service & repair specialist:

Independent Car Repair Specialist = Cost Savings

Compared to lets say, an Audi dealer, the independent Audi repair shop prices are competitive, due to the labor and parts. In terms of labor, the independent mechanic’s hourly rate is much lower than that of the dealership, well, in most cases.

Yes you can still find independent garages with a higher rate than the dealership based on a handful of factors, such as highly skilled labor and the use of specialized tools. Either way, you get the best bang for your buck by sticking with an independent technician.

Unless otherwise specified, independent specialists use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts that come at a savings of around 20%. This lower price for original parts means that you have more wiggle room while  having a skilled mechanic install them for you.

On the other hand, main dealers can only use genuine parts that come at a higher price than OEM parts. Furthermore, the genuine parts may not be necesary for older vehicles, and this leaves you in an awkward situation where you are left with a hefty bill on your hands and parts that are not the best fit in terms of price.

Another vital thing to note is that main dealers don’t attempt to repair, they will only replace old with new. For example, they will never fit a second hand engine, rarely attempt to fix a gearbox, or weld an exhaust.

In contrast, your local independent specialist will always attempt to fix, before recommending a replacement. They are proficient in diagnostics, thanks to years of repair and services experience. The main goal of the independent specialist is to offer custom-fit services to save you money.

Independent Garage = Convenience

Of course, there are more independent car technicians near your location than main dealers. By doing a quick online search, you will find that in any Dublin area there are plenty mechanics specialised in Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Skoda, Toyota and all other car makes.

Here at mechanic24hr, we have mechanics with years of experience in all of the above car makes, we are local and a perfect option for anyone living in Finglas, Santry, Ballymun, Cabra, Phibsborough, St Margarets, Drumcondra, or other areas in North Dublin.

Local Mechanics = Multi-Field Experience

Larger local repair shops like mechanic24hr, are staffed with highly skilled and professional mechanics with accumulated experience working on multiple vehicle makes. This gives them an upper hand when dealing with various issues de bugging your car.

As the vehicle owner, you access these highly-specialized services at lower rates – something you’d probably grin at.

Building a relationship is not always possible with a dealership with layers of employees where you may not be able to speak to the mechanic directly. It is also not assured that you will meet the same technicians at your next visit.

Although the independent shop may have a lower customer base than the dealership, it has a bright side. Essentially, it is easier to get specialized service since you will meet the same people who enjoy doing their work and that you dealt with last time.

The mechanics can also remember the last interactions with you, which is beneficial to the whole experience. You get more valuable attention, which translates to the best care and maintenance for your vehicle – what more could you ask for? A bad review hurts the independent shop more than the dealership, and that is why they have to get it right at first strike.

Mechanic24hr = Independent Specialised Service

The independent shops are all about integrity to build trust and loyalty. Without the backing of a big brand, the mechanics know that they must work the relationship from the ground up and one customer at a time. Serious gearheads know this, and that is why you will never see them in main dealerships for repair works.

If you are looking for Audi Service, BMW Service, Citroen Service, Dacia Service, Ford Service, Honda Service, Hyundai Service, Kia Service, Mazda Service, Mercedes Service, Mini Service, Nissan Service, Opel Service, Peugeot Service, Renault Service, Toyota Service, Volkswagen Service, Mechanic24hr is just a contact away. The quality of our services and commitment towards offering the best TLC for your car is well worth your time. Our specialized service and technicians understand your vehicle more than most of the main dealers. Contact us today, and experience it for yourself!

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