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Servicing your Audi or BMW is critical to ensure reliability, reduced repairs, and overall costs of keeping it on the road. It ensures your vehicle is performing optimally at all times.

Following the recommended maintenance schedule nibs any possible problems, that can potentially become problematic in the future, at the roots. A diligent maintenance program backed by a stamped car service book, also boosts the resale value of your vehicle.

The two brands are not that cheap to maintain (Audi and BMW) compared with others such as Toyota, but they have numerous benefits. They are fantastic machines on the road when everything is functioning as it should.

Once you acquire a vehicle, you set yourself up to incur the actual cost of ownership, including maintenance, repairs, fuel, insurance, and others. More than often, Audi owners may not find themselves beyond the monthly budget like BMW owners. Regardless, every vehicle has its pleasures that we fall in love with.

Let’s assume you have narrowed it down to car service for Audi and car service for BMW; what are the service intervals for each, and what are the other requirements? Every model is different from the other. Check your owner’s manual for maintenance information.

Here is a breakdown of the scheduled maintenance items for Audi and BMW.

Scheduled Maintenance Intervals for Audi and BMW

First Car Service Interval

The first standard Audi maintenance should be after 15000 km or one year after delivery when the vehicle is operating under normal conditions. But the intervals reduce significantly in cases of adverse conditions such as excessive dust, extremely low temperatures, and driving and aggressive driving style.

The BMW factory service oil requirement is 25,000 km or annually. The brand calls it the Safety & Oil Service. This first interval verifies that the various major components such as wipers, brakes, rubber belts, engine coolant, suspension, tires, and horns are functioning as they should. The oil and oil filter are changed, and your BMW is inspected for possible leaks.

Other BMW service items include draining and replacing the oil and balancing and rotating the tires.

Second Car Service Interval

Other service items such as filling the AdBlue with fresh fluid and inspecting the brake system are at intervals of two years or 30,000 km, whichever comes first. Checking the coolant system and coolant level, changing the oil, and replacing the filter is also at this interval. Check the condition of the wiper blades, engine compartment for leaks, tire and spare wheel for damage, and wiper blades.

On the other hand, the second service recommendation interval, “Inspection 1,” for your BMW is 50,000 km or one year. The manufacturer advises a more thorough check for components under the vehicle at this interval. Check the tires and wheels, inspect the body and the interior, and under the hood. The verifications include inspecting the exhaust’s overall condition, reading the diagnostics system, checking the steering system, inspecting the parking brake cables, and checking the tires for wear and tear. Check the fluid levels, as well.

It is also at the interval of 50,000 km that you verify the washer and wiper system’s functioning. Check the brake pads of your BMW and replace them if necessary and check the suspension.

Third Card Service Interval

At intervals of 3 years or 45,000 km, replace the Audi spark plugs (90,000 km intervals for Q3 2.0T, 3.0 L V6 TFSI, and 5.2 L V10).

The third maintenance interval, “Inspection 2,” for the BMW is at 100,000 km, and it includes all the other previous inspection items, plus others. This includes replacing the spark plugs, replacing all the air filters, and examining leaks in flexible boots. At this interval, you should also inspect the BMW for rust and corrosion.

Replace the battery if necessary and check the brake rotors. If they are thin, replace them. Inspect for wear on the belt and the hoses, and replace if needed. After the maintenance, a short road test is usually done to ensure that everything is functioning as it should.

Fourth Car Service Interval

But at 60,000 km, replace the transmission filter element, change the ATF oil and the AFT for clutch hydraulics, but only the RS 7 and RS 7 performance. Inspecting disc plates’ thickness comes after every 60,000 km or four years for the Audi.

If you have reached the 150,000 km milestone, BMW recommends a repeat of the “Inspection 1.” This means that all the components repaired or replaced in the previous intervals will be rechecked. The services at the 100,000 km interval will also be repeated just to be sure. Inspect the spark plugs and replace them if required. The manufacturer also recommends an inspection of the vehicle safety technologies. Are they working as they should? Is replacement or repair necessary?

Condition Based Service or the CBS is the latest tech in modern production vehicles. The system simplifies the recommended service schedules. It tells you when the next schedule is due. Keep proper records and abide by these schedules to keep the resale value at its best.

Fifth Car Service Interval

It is a much longer interval for checking the condition and replacing your Audi’s ribbed V-belt at 120,000 km. Inspect the tension and re-tension the belt drive if necessary. But at intervals of ten years, change the differential fluid for the R8 and the front final drive 0D4 clutch.

Final Word

Skipping the scheduled maintenance is tempting for most vehicle owners, especially when the vehicle is still running.  Just because your Audi or BMW is not smoking or producing funny fumes and sounds does not mean that everything is always good. Well, what you can’t see can still hurt your vehicle.

Follow the manufacturer’s service recommendation, and some problems will be caught early on, reducing the cost of repair, ensuring your safety, and that of others. It also ensures that the vehicle is on the road for longer.

Refer to your owner’s manual for more info on maintenance schedules and other essential items. Contact Mechanic24 for help with your Audi or BMW scheduled servicing. Our certified and qualified mechanics will handle your vehicle with the care and attention it deserves.

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